Lagos state governor Akinwunmi Ambode on Monday launched the Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps (LNSC) at the Agege Stadium.

Ambode said the introduction of the LNSC will enhance the safety and security of lives and property of people of the state.

He said the corps’ officials were meant to complement the efforts of the police.

Ambode said the corps will provide information to the police, and assist in facilitating arrest and penetrating inner areas of local councils with their bicycles, motorbikes, whistles and other gadgets.

“These officers have been trained on how to seek peaceful resolution of conflicts, proactive policing engagement as against reactive policing, dispute mediation, skillful negotiations and other skills that would assist in curbing crime and nipping in the bud the activities of criminally-minded individuals,” he said.

“Be reminded that you have to be a friendly law enforcement team, eschew brutality, embrace civility, display maturity, imbibe the hallmark of patience, be understanding and make sure you earn the trust of every resident of the state.”

While urging the public to cooperate with the corps, he assured that residents who provide the LNSC with “useful tips” will be compensated.

He said that Lagos residents can communicate with the corps’ top officials through special hotlines: 081-4000-0825 and 070-1722-2480.

The officials of the LNSC were presented with 171 saloon cars, 377 motorcycles, 4,000 bicycles and other required equipment.

Ambode further noted that the LNSC created about 7,000 new jobs.


30 March, 2017


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